As a Columbus native, I’ve witnessed the evolution of a quiet midwest city to one of the fastest growing places in the US with a very active real estate market. We enjoy great local restaurants, an amazing art scene, world class shopping, and the best college football team in the land! My intimate knowledge of this city and state, having lived here all of my life, gives me an enthusiasm and a desire to make my home your home.

After graduating from Columbus College of Art & Design with a degree in Interior Design, I have spent my career as a creative in corporate America, a freelance artist and most recently a local boutique owner. I have a thorough understanding of providing amazing customer service, an entrepreneur and designer eye for detail and, most importantly, a love and passion for all things local. In all of my businesses and work, I strive to demonstrate the highest level of integrity and commitment, and to have a little fun exploring the neighborhoods around town. With my design and retail background, I am fully equipped to help stage, consult or market your present home or outfit your new home.