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Interior Designer


This Job Description establishes and describes the authority, duties, responsibilities, reporting relationships and measure of accomplishment for the functional position of the Designer of Nth Degree Home as assigned to that function by the Executive Director and the Construction Manager.


  • The basic function of the Designer is to ensure that all cultivated and assigned projects are completed accurately, timely, within budget; with a high degree of quality and service and that they produce an acceptable level of profit.
  • The Designer is tasked with ensuring a high level of client satisfaction with those accounts assigned to the Designer by the Executive Director.
  • Another basic function of this position is that of an administrator and coordinator to provide the necessary planning, organization, direction, communication and control between the various internal and external individuals, companies and agencies that impact the timely and/or profitable completion of assigned projects.


  • The Designer receives sufficient authority from, and is accountable to the Executive Director for the successful completion of assigned duties and responsibilities.
  • The Designer has the authority to initiate and approve necessary purchases to manage and administer all aspects of assigned projects within Nth Degree Home established guidelines.
  • In conjunction with the Executive Director, the Designer has the authority to suspend, demote or discipline those key individuals reporting directly to this position, if any.
  • The Designer has the authority to take any reasonable action necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this position so long as such action does not deviate from established company policies and is consistent with sound business judgment.


  • The Designer reports to the Executive Director and the Construction Manager.
  • The positions which report directly to the Designer: None at this time
  • The Designer must maintain harmonious relationships with all property owners, Sub Contractors, and other individuals associated with ongoing projects.

The principal duties and responsibilities of the Designer consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ensures that all assigned contracts are completed on time and within budget, as stated in the original estimate.
  • Cultivates design, construction and real estate clients for the company (residential and/or commercial).  Understands the goals and takes initiative to meet or exceed desired sales goals.
  • Ensures that all safety policies, rules and regulations are followed and enforced.
  • Ensures that all information for progress billings, final billings, and service work are submitted in an accurate and timely manner.  Ensures that all deposits are received in a timely manner.
  • Coordinates and communicates with subcontractors, suppliers and clients to insure the prompt start of all assigned projects.
  • Ensures all drawings and specs are available for field personnel and that they accurately represent the work to be done before the project starts or purchasing begins.
  • Acts as a representative of Nth Degree Home in the community.
  • Coordinates the need, use, and movement of equipment, tools, material and personnel between jobs under his/her jurisdiction.
  • Stays current on developments with competitors.
  • Stays current on industry trends.
  • Maintains cooperative working relationships with all company employees.  This includes all customers, contractors, clients, suppliers, etc.
  • Acts within the letter and spirit of the laws of the United States, the States and municipalities in which Nth Degree Home operates.
  • Enforces adherence of all Nth Degree Homes’ employees as well as all sub-contractors to ALL of Nth Degree Home procedures and policies.
  • Responsible for accurately reporting all hours worked by technicians and other assigned personnel per the job cost codes assigned to the project.
  • Upon receiving project, the Designer develops his/her own budget, Ghant charts and any other plans needed to ensure that profit optimization occurs.
  • Submits budget revisions on all change orders in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Performs any other related or unrelated, unassigned, unspecified, unusual or special duty the Exec Director or Construction Manager may assign from time to time.

The Designer shall be deemed to be performing in a satisfactory manner when the following has been met and/or exceeded.

  • All cultivated and assigned projects are completed in a manner that produces the targeted rate of profit per the estimate while staying within legal and quality guidelines.
  • Sales and/or project goals are met or exceeded.
  • Projects managed by the Designer result in a high degree of customer satisfaction.  Customers prefer projects managed by the Designer over the competing companies.
  • All information for billings is completed accurately and submitted in a timely manner.



  • Preferred: Bachelors Degree in Design or related field; however, extensive project management experience in the home design or similar industry may substitute.
  • Required: High School or equivalent with minimum 5 years of full charge design management in a quality design firm environment.

Required: Interior Design Degree.

Must have the ability to effectively manage all aspects of assigned projects.  Must have a knowledge of and ability to read and interpret blueprint drawings.  Must possess the ability to work closely with diverse groups of people, including company employees at all levels, area contractors, owners, suppliers and other outside professionals with whom the company deals with on a regular basis.

Includes sitting, standing, walking, bending, kneeling and use of hands and arms to operate office equipment.  Must be able to pick up and carry 30 lb. content items.

Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently, knowledge of math, design and technical abilities a plus.  Unencumbered, valid driver’s license required for this position.  Must be able to work under time and budgetary pressures to include a fast paced, high volume workflow.  Must possess a solid computer literacy with excellent skills in Microsoft office.  Experience in various estimating and costing programs is a plus.

This person will work a portion of the time in the office, which is a smoke-free temperature controlled environment with little noise. The outside time will be spent in the open visiting client sites which can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter, hazardous, noisy and dusty.  Other outside efforts entail visits to customers, association meetings or vendors which may require travel by air or automobile.  These locations are visited throughout the year and during all weather conditions.

I have reviewed and understand the above job description and believe it to be accurate and complete, and I can successfully fulfill or learn each duty or task. I realize that this job description is not an employee contract and that it does not affect my at will employment status. I also agree that management retains the right to change this job description at any time.