Valerie Fried has joined the Nth Degree Team in 2022 as a realtor after spending the last 17 years in the culinary field.

Originally from Germany, she spent several years living in New England where she obtained her culinary arts and linguistics degrees, then moving around the US, Europe, and Asia for work, before finally ending up in Columbus, Ohio where she and her husband Alex have lived since 2014.

Valerie supported her husband through his career change from the Marine Corps to becoming a civilian pilot and felt inspired to pivot her career path as well.

She still loves cooking and baking, as well as traveling, art, music, reading, and spending time with friends.

Valerie loves meeting and getting to know new people, has an empathetic nature, and a good understanding of what drives and motivates other people, making her well suited to work in this client focused career.

She loves being on the Nth Degree Team with a group of professionals who are all incredibly talented and diverse in their skill sets, all bringing something different to the team and providing amazing structure and support to help each other and their clients sell, renovate, stage, or buy their home.

Valerie is proud to be able to help her clients find and buy their dream home and is excited to serve as many of her fellow Columbus area residents as possible.