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A great addition to any room, an area rug can alter the entire appearance of a room. Area rugs offer both comfort and style. There is a wide variety of styles, sizes, types and materials of area rugs which can make shopping for one very cumbersome.

Neal Hauschild, owner of Nth Degree suggests that you stick with “quality, natural materials such as silk, cotton or wool”. Natural material rugs will be more expensive upfront but they will last longer and be well worth the investment.

Area rugs also come in many shapes: square, rectangle, oval, circle etc. Try not to become overwhelmed with the options of shapes. The standard rectangular rug can be both useful and elegant while circular and octagonal rug shapes add a more unique look.

What size area rug should I buy? That is one of the most commonly ask questions about area rugs. Neal suggests that you “err on the larger size if you are in-between sizes”. Here are some guidelines for different areas of your home:

– Dining Room:
If you are placing an area rug under your dining table, be sure that your rug is larger than your table including the chairs when pushed in and out.

– Bedroom:
If you are placing an area rug in the bedroom, place under the bed and be sure that your rug is larger than your bed including the bed side tables.

– Family Room:
When placing an area rug in your family room, you have two options. First option, an extra large rug that will fit your sofa, recliners with your coffee table centered and extra space around the edges of the rug. Second option is a large area rug that you place under your furniture but only the front legs of your sofa and recliners will be on the rug with the coffee table in the center.

Remember that you can add texture, color and pattern to your space by purchasing an area rug that has a pop of color, texture and design. If you want a more subdue feel to your space then choose a solid color area rug.

A few of Neal’s favorite brands that we carry at Nth Degree, include:

1.) KA Menendian  Handmade Persian area rugs

2.) Capel Rugs 

3.) Surya Rugs

If you are in the market for an area rug, visit Nth Degree and let Neal help choose the perfect one(s) for your home!