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Renovation Goal:  Improve layout and function.

Living Room.
Before – The living room was dark, felt small and was cut off from the other main living areas. The main feature is the built-ins to the left of the fire place, which overwhelmed the room. To the right of the fire place is the door way leading to the kitchen.

– We decided to open the living room to the dining room and kitchen by removing the walls surrounding the fireplace. Neal Hauschild, owner of Nth Degree  says “Taking down the walls allows for the main floor layout to flow.” With the living room now opening to both the dining room and kitchen, the function of the room improves as well.
In addition to the removal of walls, we added the architectural detail of the beams in a rich dark grey color and  refinished the wood floors with a more modern color.  Nth Degree’s interior designers put their finishing touches on the room ~ the finished product is beautiful!

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